To be fully immersed and focused on the enjoyment of an activity, we are transported, the world slips away, we are free, we are dreamers, we are empowered.

Working with the latest technology, We can be agents of change to enhance our reality and improve Our World.


XR for Good

At The Flow State XR, we create ethical, solution-driven apps & games that mix reality and technology to present new ways to tackle everyday issues. We deliver unique and powerful tools for education, entertainment and wellbeing.


Why VR?

VR/AR transforms the user from passive observer to central protagonist, positioning them at the core of the narrative

This rapidly advancing technology offers greater value to your clients and customers by delivering an experience which encourages active participation.

XR apps and experiences can be anything from an Instagram filter to a location-based live event, but always provide heightened level on engagement compared with passive media consumption.

XR offers unique opportunities to communicate directly with the audience and to have their reaction to your messaging understood in real time.


About us

We are a collective of award winning writers, producers, directors and game designers. Our team has produced numerous award winning XR and non linear narrative experiences.

Winner of the 2019 Unity for Humanity award for an environmental app; “Clean A/R”.
Winner of the 2018 Vodafone tech starter award in association with The Children’s Society: “Reality Check”
A VR experience created for the UK Government’s ‘Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Summit’ Co-hosted by Angelina Jolie: “Nobody’s Listening”
BAFTA-nominated narrative short: “The Karman Line”.
Virgin Media Shorts winning film: “Sign Language”

“Quite frankly like working with a trusted friend. We’ve been blown away with the last few projects”
– Verizon

If you want to shift the paradigm. If you want a two-way conversation with your audience, backed by data and distinct calls to action. We want to create with you.

Let’s have a conversation.